Success Stories


Success Stories

At plumb an square, we want to change how you feel about plumbers in essence we want to deliver your vision!

We had a customer ring us with a hot water service that had a pilot light kept going out at her 85 year old mum’s house, her husband had lit the pilot three times in a week, he finally gave up trying to light it and called us. Two hours later we knocked on the door and found a very durable Rheem CopperMatic from 1973!!!! She had done a tonne of work and provided hot water for this family for 48 years!!

We sat down and discussed what the customer wanted, the priority was a Rheem as it had serviced the family so well, but looking at the job we recommended to install a continuous flow so that no one needed to EVER light a pilot light again. We redirected the pipe work from the laundry, got rid of the asbestos flue and installed a low cost, low maintenance energy efficient hot water that will hopefully heat a lot more baths for the next generation and made more space in the laundry cupboard as a bonus…. all before dinner time!!! Knowing that he wouldn’t get a call that night the son in law even got to have a beer!

Had a call from a guy on a Saturday afternoon, he called to say there was a suspected sewer problem, two hours later knocked on the door and as the gentleman opened the door I knew it wasn’t a suspected problem!!! Everyone was in a panic, they explained that they had just bought the house and were unpacking and noticed the toilet was really slow to drain.

The customers dad had plunged the toilet, cue the calamity, as he did this the sewer drain gurgled and out it came the shower!!! No one knew what to do, (this is where experience of a good plumber is worth his call-out )

A quick check and a dig out the back to expose the boundary trap and with the help of the world famous Ridgid K1500 we cleared the boundary and the main line to get all the fixtures running, a specialist drainage camera was then used to find the real problem, a dislodged drain!!!!

Not a big problem now, but if this happens again we can quickly locate, dig and expose the problem and with minimal fuss can replace the drain so no more Saturday night toilet party’s!

Got a call on Sunday afternoon, saying there was water spraying all over the bathroom upstairs, after a few minutes told the customer to turn the water meter off and I headed over to find out that the customer had been waiting over a month for four other plumbers to arrive to look at a leaking tap in the vanity!!!!

She said she even took two days off work!!!!!

A little more chatting and found that hubby was fed up with people promising they would turn up and no shows so he went down to the big green warehouse and spoke to someone who told him what to do……
Little did he know that not all jobs are the same, whilst trying to change the washer he has snapped the breech under the sink.

We quickly installed new “ministop” isolation valves and turned the water back on to the house and discussed what needed to happen next, our recommendation was to get rid of the old taps and install a new mixer tap which has less maintenance issues and easier to use as well as looking a bit nicer.
It really can be as easy as calling the right person to get the job that done exactly as you wanted or even better!